A fortified royal residence


Join us and visit Vincennes castle, an unforgettable place in the history of France. In the 12th century the Vincennes grove was one of the most coveted hunting grounds in the surroundings and Louis VII transformed it into an important hunting lodge. In the 13th century, Felipe Augusto and São Luis built a royal residence in place of the hunting lodge and transformed it into one of their favorite residences. In the 14th century, the castle takes the appearance we know today. King Charles V decides to build a vast architectural complex with a big tower of more than 50 meters, now considered the highest medieval fortification in Europe.

A Holy Chapel was built similar to that situated on the Ile de la Cité. The period of construction was from 1380 to 1552 on the reign of Henri II, combining the flamboyant Gothic style with the later Renaissance. In the 17th century, the architect Le Vau builds for the young Louis XIV, his mother and the cardinal Mazarin the pavilions of the King and Queen in classic style. The installation of the court at Versailles in 1662 marks the abandon of Vincennes as a royal residence. The last king to stay in Vincennes is Louis XV in 1715.



Duration : 4 hours
Languages : Portuguese, Spanish, English, and French
Running days : From Monday to Saturday (at 9:00AM or at 2:00PM)
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