After I started working with tourism, I started to notice that many people travel, but do not know the real France. They simply know that France of mass tourism, France of tourists.

That’s why I created this space for you, who want to experience authentic France! France of the French. It is this France that I would like you to experience!

I can give you complete advice, from the conception of the trip to its end. This is a joint work: you present your wishes to me and I enter with my competence to design an itinerary for you.

Steps to follow

First, I need to know you. I need to know what period of year you plan to visit France, how many people are travelling. I wish to know what is your traveler profile.

With these information, I start to design your itinerary, with suggestions for tours, best places to stay in, tips for hotels and restaurants and everything.

What is most perfect for you?

Luxury, Fashion and sophistication

Are passionate about the universe of luxury and fashion? Come and immerse yourself in the history of the great names of high jewelry, haute couture, perfumery, luxury hotels and much more. Legendary addresses await you in Paris, a fascinating capital of luxury and fashion.

Family tours

Family with children requires special attention. We make playful and interactive tours for kids. The whole family participates and interacts from beginning to end. Museums, neighborhoods and monuments will no longer have secrets for them.

Food and wine tours

France is world renowned for its gastronomy and way of living “Art de vivre”. For French people, “eating is an art”. We have prepared itineraries for you to immerse yourself in this art, tasting the local specialties, its cheeses, wines and much more.

Paris of Parisians

I already know Paris of the most famous monuments! I want to know an authentic Paris. I want to immerse myself in the Paris of the Parisians, discovering residential neighborhoods, traditional markets, street markets, charming places .

I travel alone

I travel alone because I don’t always meet someone who shares my tastes or simply because I like to have my independence. I want to be accompanied by a local guide to discover the most of the city and its surroundings.

Religious Tourism

Did you know that France seduces adepts of religious tourism? Yes. Here we have many sanctuary cities and places of pilgrimage. There are cathedrals, sanctuaries, chapels to worship relics, places of experience and spirituality.

I’m Vintage style

Explore the treasures hidden in the vintage world in the heart of Paris. Clothing stores, accessories, records, antique objects. Walks for those who like to get lost in streets full of thrift stores, ancient bookstores, flea markets, antiques fairs and everything.


I am more culture, art, history. I like themes like the “French Revolution”, “Kings and Queens”, “Medieval Paris” among others. I like temporary exhibitions, art galleries, antique shops, events, sports … With a personalized itinerary, all of this is possible!

Special events

I want to celebrate a special event in Paris: 15th anniversary, engagement, wedding anniversary, symbolic wedding in Paris, elopement, etc. I’d love to help you with that organization.

What are the advantages of requesting your personalized itinerary ?

  • Discover the real Paris of Parisians
  • Living and interacting with local culture
  • Have the advice of Guided Tours in Paris
  • Have the company of a specialized guide in Paris and France
  • Visit the places you select
  • Organize tours according to your rhythm or of your family
  • Priority entries and skip the line in the monuments