Let yourself be guided by the Parisian Passages and Covered Galleries for an amazing walking tour. You will immerse yourself in the Parisian society of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

The covered walkways are a set of small covered streets built between buildings to facilitate Parisian traffic or accommodate commercial galleries.

Located close to major avenues, these structures were designed for a high-income clientele. The passages knew their golden age in the first half of the nineteenth century. Paris had more than 130 Covered Passages and Galeries. Many of them were destroyed with the great works of Haussmann in the second half of the nineteenth century and with the emergence of department stores.

The tour begins at the Palais Royal, where we will know the origin of the galleries and Parisian passages. Following, we will pass through the Vero Dodat Passage, then the majestic Vivienne Gallery, through its neighboring Colbert Gallery. Then we walk towards the Great Boulevards and we will visit the Choiseul Passage, the Panorama, the Jouffroy and the last one is the Verdot Passage.

The Parisian passages inspired the greatest European architects from Milan to Brussels. It is the story of this architecture of timeless charm and sumptuous decor that we will evoke on this tour.


Duration: 2:30 hours
Langues: Portuguese, Spanish, English and French
Running days: Available every day in the week.
Meeting Point: Le Quiosque des Noctambules, Palais Royal Musée du Louvre, line 1