I am Andréa, Brazilian from Londrina - PR. PhD in Geography from Brazil. I have always enjoyed traveling, visiting countries, exploring cultures, meeting people and learning new languages. It was in the year 2012 during a period of studies in Paris that I fell in love with this city, its geography, its history, its art and the French culture. Since then I had decided to return. In 2014, I started my studies and my professional career in the field of tourism in Paris. After that, I began to organize tours and to make visits-conferences for international tourists in Paris and France.

I realized that today people not only want to visit the monuments but also explore the real culture and way of life of the city or place. That is why I have decided to offer, in addition to visits to the traditional Parisian monuments, walking tours that lead you to know more intensively the city, the daily life of Parisians, the urban life, the history and the local culture.

The tours that I offer in Paris are conceived mostly by walking and / or using public transportation. While visiting the outskirts of Paris, I try to use the public transportation as much as possible.  Of course, if the tour is further away you need private transportation, we provide.

Come and discover Paris and France with me!

Andréa Rodrigues dos Santos